Renae Goodhew is a professional I.A.T.S.E Union makeup artist as well as hair stylist, specializing in beauty for film, television, special effects makeup, red carpet events, celebrity makeup, bridal makeup and skincare. She became hooked on makeup artistry while designing hair and makeup for theatre productions in college. It was after college that she decided to move out to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a professional film and television makeup artist. She attended Cinema Makeup school in Los Angeles and with the instruction of many well-accomplished makeup artists in the industry, cultivated and refined her skills for doing HD/ television makeup as well as special effects makeup. 


Renae has established herself as an industry makeup artist with work that extends across all facets of the profession, including, freelancing on various films, TV shows, shorts, music videos, photo shoots, fashion/runway makeup, as well as assisting other professional makeup artists. She has spent time working in SFX labs, such as Creative Character Engineering and SOTA FX Studio.


With the accomplishment of being accepted into the Local 706, Renae has gained many opportunities and has developed a reputation of integrity, dedication, and skillfulness within the industry. This is exemplified in the professional associations and companies that she has worked for over the years, including: HBO, Facebook Watch, CW Network,  Netflix, Amazon Studios, NBC Universal, ABC, Investigation Discovery,  Awesomeness TV, Asylum Films, Buzzfeed TV, Crypt TV, DRTV Infomercial TV, etc., just to name a few. Renae has also had the privilege of working alongside some of the industry’s most renown professional makeup artists over the years, including, Eryn Kruger Mekash, Lee Joyner, Kris Evans, Valli O'Reilley and Dennis Hooper. 


Renae continues to pursue various opportunities within the industry that will allow her to grow as a professional makeup artist and inevitably help demonstrate the love and devotion that she has for this artistry

AWARDS Won For Makeup and SFX Work FIlm / TV 

Renae is an unbelievable SFX makeup artist. Hire her immediately and you’ll never regret it.-

Jim Rothman

Fangoria Magazine SFX Makeup / prosthetic work feature Film Malignant 2016

Fangoria Magazine SFX Mask Designs for Feature Minutes to Midnight 2018 

International Film festival Italy best Character Makeups for film StarMan

TENN best period makeup and hairstyling for short films ISFFC 

Horrorhause film festival best practical effects BOO

Southern Shorts award best Makeup FX BOO

Women in films magazine  2019 upcoming  Makeup/ SFX work 




Period Makeup and hairstyling


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