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Renae Goodhew

Makeup & Effects IATSE local 706 Makeup Artist





2022 Feature film, The Resilience.                                              20th century Fox 

Key Makeup artist 

2022  Feature film, The Present.                                               Catchlight pictures

Key Makeup artist 

2022 pick up shoots for Union feature Cocaine Bear                   20th Century Fox

Key Makeup artist 

2022 pick up shoots  for    Crater                                          20th Century Fox 

Key makeup artist 

2022 pick up shoots for Easter Sunday.                                   Amblin Entertainment 

Key makeup artist 

2022  Pick up shoots for Prey (new predator film)                          20th century Fox 

Key makeup artist 

2021-2022  TV series 9-11                                                             Fox Studios 

Assistant Makeup artist various episodes from 2021-2022

2021 TV show X hunters season 2                                                Amazon Studios                                                                                 

Additional makeup artist for episode 4

2021 Emily the Criminal                                                                  Netflix 

Feature Film Makeup Department Head and personal to Aubrey Plaza

2021 Winning TIme : The rise of the Lakers                             HBO 

TV Show HBO Add’l Makeup artist for episode 1-4

2021  Spring                                                                                Warner Brothers StudiosFeature film Makeup Department Head 



2021 Share                                                                                   Amazon Studios

Feature Film  Makeup Department Head Makeup and Effects , personal to Alice Braga

2021 Killer of the Flower Moon                                               Paramount Pictures 

Feature Film Add’l Makeup artist 

2020 Lanterns Lane                                                                          Netflix 

Feature Film Makeup Department head

2020 Brunch with Coleman Domingo                                                   AMC

TV Series Prosthetic Makeup Artist 

2019 Station 19                                                                               NBC 

TV Show add’l makeup artist 2 episodes

2019 The Shop                                                                                HBO 

TV show Makeup Department head for  episodes 102-104 

2019 Ratched                                                                                 Netflix 

TV Show Add’l makeup Artist episode 102 -104

2019 Gone Hollywood                                                                      Netflix

TV Show Add’l makeup artist episodes 103

2019 Buried in the Backyard                                                  Investigation Discovery 

TV Show Key Makeup and Effects artist 

 2019 The Pledge                                                                       The CW network 

Feature Film CW Network Key Makeup artist 

2018 Twisted Sisters                                                               Investigation Discovery 

TV show Makeup Department head 6 episodes

2018 -2019 The Experience                                                      Netflix 

Feature Film Makeup and Effects Department Head

2018 The Voice.                                                                          NBC

TV Show Assistant Makeup Artist  various episodes

2018 Law’d Have Mercy                                                              Apple TV 

Online TV Series Makeup Department Head 

2018 Zac and Mia                                                                        Netflix

TV Series online Assistant Makeup Artist




Ball State University Theatre Production and Design with emphasis on makeup and wig design

Cinema Makeup School 


Natural & Beauty, airbrush, Prosthetics: transfers, silicone, foam latex applications and painting , facial hair application, mens grooming, tattoo application and cover, custom prosthetic fabrication and applications, blood gags , wounds, SFX 

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